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Welcome to D&D w/Coffee

If you’re here, you’ve probably been to at least one session at either Off the Leaf or Ebon Coffee Collective. If you came here by accident, and if you are in the Billings area, we’d love to have you around!

About Us: We’re an inclusive role playing group building friendships, community, and awesome adventures. .

I’m Jadon, the Wednesday and Monday night DM (Dungeon Master). It’s my personal mission to grow understanding between people of all kinds, and what better way than the greatest tabletop game ever made?

Why play in a coffee shop? It can be noisy, hot, cramped, and it closes before midnight. But here’s the thing- if someone has never played D&D the likelihood that they will is not necessarily good. Groups can be difficult to find, they might not fit in, and learning the rules is hard. It takes a different kind of person to go to a game shop, but everyone needs coffee.

Playing in a coffee shop is how we show others what D&D is and how fun it is. We don’t expect you to know all the rules, because we don’t know all the rules, and starting is easier than you’d think! All those other factors fade away as the adventure goes on and the as the story grows with every action the characters take.

This page is meant to be a hub for all the DMs running games. We’re fortunate enough to have games going four nights a week. The starting times and locations for the games are listed below.

Mondays- 6:30
Wednesday- Full group
Friday- 6:30
Saturday- 6:30

If you are interested in learning how to DM talk to me and we’ll see about getting some practice sessions in. The first rule of our table is this- have fun. All the other benefits we get come from this rule.

We hope you’ll join us soon!

Home Page

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